Brian has been a consultant with SPINw since 2008, and was named Director in 2011.  SPINw is the premier provider of mental game coaching in Portland, Oregon, and the Northwest US.   Click here to visit to learn more.

B presenting THUSC 2014

For a decade, we have successfully worked with athletes, parents, and coaches to provide solutions to questions like: Do you want to take control of your confidence, learn how to focus, and develop a consistent performance? Are you in a slump, or want to prevent a long slump? Do you get too nervous before games, or lose yourself in the emotional storms of your mind?

We work with individual athletes, teams, coaches, parents, and organizations to help improve performance on a number of levels.  The services we provide include:

    • One-on-one mental game consulting
    • Team building workshops
    • Team and group mental game consulting
    • Coaching education
    • Sports parenting education
    • Organizational facilitation

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