Youth Sports Hydration Guide

As you know, we bring a Sports Nutritionist in to every camp to educate our young athletes of the importance of fueling up.  Hydration is a big part of that. Check out this handy guide for youth sports hydration.

This Youth Sports Hydration Guide was provided by Cisco Athletic

How to Visualize

I just released a new relaxation and visualization audio program for athletes called Sports Mindset Audio.

Sports Mindset Audio sport psychology visualization

Visualization can be defined as: ”

“Mentally rehearsing a skill, action, or outcome that you want to accomplish during training, practice or competition”

High level athletes often practice visualization to:

  • Improve performance
  • Get extra reps in a specific skill
  • Feel relaxed, calm, and confident
  • Prepare for stressful events

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The best of the best athletes ever use visualization for these reasons.

Emmitt Smith is the NFL’s All-time leading rusher.  Here are a couple quotes that explain how important it was for him to visualize while training to become a professional, and during his time as a pro:

emmitt-quote emmitt-smith

Steve Nash is the NBA’s all-time leader in Free Throw percentage at 90.43%.  Here’s a brief explanation from a Sports Illustrated article that explains how he used visualization to achieve this:







Carli Lloyd is one of the USA women’s national team’s best players. In the 2015 World Cup Final, she famously scored a hat trick, including a blast from midfield.  She spoke about visualization several times after that event:


Portland Barefoot Soccer tournament

3v3 Portland Barefoot Festival

Bubble soccer!

Attention Soccer fans! Kids 2nd grade through high school! Adults who want to play barefoot!  Bubble soccer players!  Soccer carnival participants!  Spectators!

It is time for the 7th annual 3v3 Portland Barefoot Festival raising money for youth HIV education in Africa….Sunday, June 5 at Concordia University.

The Portland Barefoot festival raises money for an organization in Africa that benefits HIV youth education.  Teams of 3-5 friends of any soccer level or team regardless of prior experience are welcome.  Kids play 4 games (15 minutes each) barefoot.  They are invited to make their own tee shirts and think of a creative name.  Kids also have the option of participating in the soccer carnival.  Or meet a Portland Timber or Thorn.  It’s a day of bonding with the way kids play around the globe.   

Register kid and adult teams here:

Anyone 14 years or older can volunteer, sign up here:

The Portland Barefoot is proud to raise money for Grassroot Soccer, an organization teaching and empowering youth in Africa about HIV using soccer (  Currently the Portland Barefoot is the largest fundraising soccer tournament for Grass Roots in the world

Check us out!

4 Pillars Elite Soccer Camp

high school soccer camp Portland OR

We are very excited to introduce our latest camp offering!  BaxterSports Summer Camps and Pursuit Soccer have teamed up to create this camp for high school aged players.

A natural extension from BaxterSports Competitive Soccer Camp, 4 Pillars gives players in the 2003-1998 birth years a place to continue on past middle school to an even higher level of training.


This year’s inaugural camp will take place at Buckman Field in NE Portland. July 11-14 from 9am-3pm.  There will be a limit of 36 players to make sure each athlete gets personalized attention in all 4 pillars of the game.

4 Pillars Elite Soccer Camp 2nd logo

The summer can be a really busy time for soccer players with tournaments, training, vacation, and more tournaments. What sets this camp apart is that the 100% physical demands of most camps is replaced by equal time on the field and in the classroom.

Players will be challenged technically on the field, tactically with a mix of on-field and inside video analysis, physically with yoga, sports nutrition, and injury prevention, and mentally with sport psychology techniques in the classroom.

Click here to register for 4 Pillars Elite Soccer Camp

Upcoming Event!

Coach Casey and Coach Blake will be at the Kenton Street Fair.  Come out and kick the ball, shoot some free throws, and enter to win a free week of camp at the BaxterSports booth!

Kenton Street Fair

Reflections from Camp – 3 Balancing Acts

Year 8 of BaxterSports Summer Camps has come to a close. It was the biggest and best year so far, thanks to the awesome community of dedicated coaches, supportive parents, and energetic young athletes. As the kids get back to school and we all settle back into a somewhat normal rhythm, I have reflected back at some of the lessons learned from summer camp. It boils down to the balancing act that is coaching/teaching/raising kids.  Enjoy!

  1. Balancing Patience and Firmness.  When working with kids, and especially lots of them, patience is a virtue. And believe me, and I speak for my coaches on this one, patience can be trying – especially on the 8th 90+ day in a row. Being firm in what you are asking is a necessity. Sometimes it feels like the two are mutually exclusive. But they actually work in conjunction as counterbalances.  Be too patient, and you’re bound to get walked on. Be too firm, and you’re bound to alienate. In today’s world where there is too much structure for kids in sports, we are constantly striving to strike the balance between structured learning and self-exploratory learning.
  2. Balancing Competition and Cooperation.  Conflict is an innate part of the human experience, and it can be a really uncomfortable one. At our camp, it’s not like we encourage conflict, but we don’t go out of our way to avoid it either. The kids are definitely NOT wrapped in bubble wrap and bathed in Purel. And thus are free to make some mistakes.  And time after time, with a little patience and firmness (see 1 above), conflict can be the root of a better relationship.  Last summer we had one camper leave after day one of a camp because of a conflict with another camper – this kid did not feel comfortable or safe and decided to leave the camp. We never want to lose a camper, especially since there is learning to be had when conflict arises!   This year we had a couple of younger boys who wanted to kill each other (and said as much – yikes!) – but with supportive coaches and parents they were able to work out their differences and actually become friends!
  3. Balancing What’s good for the Group and What’s good for the Individual. This is true in most sports, where the goals of the individual and team are not always the same. But that’s the beauty of sports sometimes – can you get an individual to sacrifice what they want for the greater good or the team, but at the same time, can you adjust the team to fit the individuals within. As we balance patience and firmness, as well as competition and cooperation, the camp is able to evolve to become better and better!


2013 Champions League Highlights

What a match it was! In case you missed it…

Another reason we juggle!

Kinda like Nagbe’s amazing goal a couple seasons ago, check out this use of juggling with the top of the foot to score a goal.


BaxterSports voted Best Summer Sports Camp in Portland

Portland's Best Sports Camp

BaxterSports - Portland's Best Summer Sports Camp!

Thanks to my community for voting BaxterSports Camps as Portland’s Best! Can’t wait to see you all on the field!


Anatomy of a Goal

This is one of’s coolest features. Each week, they break down a goal into the small pieces. All young players and coaches can learn a lot of the subtle parts of what makes a play work and what doesn’t.

This week’s edition was from the Timbers, so I had to post it.

Here’s a link to the website, where you can watch a ton of these from previous weeks.