Brian Baxter – Owner and Director.  I grew up with a passion for sports, and always knew I wanted to be involved in sports.  As a high school and collegiate athlete, I learned first hand the importance of good coaching and a strong mental game.  Originally intending to become a college soccer coach, I spent nearly every weekend during the year, and several weeks each summer coaching soccer teams in South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, California and Oregon, improving my craft.

Through my experiences in coaching teams and camps, I found that while the soccer skills training was typically good, and the activities fun, by in large they missed the bigger picture.  Soccer is more than the skills, scoring goals, and winning games (although all that is really fun!).  It’s a chance to learn who you are, how to successfully relate to people, whether teammates, opponents, coaches or referees, and to learn more about life.

From my early days of coaching, I envisioned an organization whose coaching included not only skill-building and learning the game, but also stressed the importance of nutrition, proper stretching, positive thinking, and the mental game.

Not only that, but creating a sense of community.  I want my players to come back later and coach the next generation of kids.

As an athlete, coach, parent, and sport psychology consultant with over 20 years experience in youth sports, I created BaxterSports – Camps, Clinics, Coaching, and Consulting – to continue my work, and provide a great environment for athletes to learn and grow in all aspects of life.

Casey Martschinske, Assistant Director

Casey was born and raised in Camas Washington. A recent Washington State University graduate with a degree in business marketing, he has been involved in sports his whole life.  Soccer is his favorite, having played for over 20 years and coaching for 10 years. In his youth days, he helped his teams win 6 state titles. Casey started working at BaxterSports in 2010, and moved up to Assistant Director last year. He has a passion for working with kids, and is always a camper favorite for his energy and creativity.

Blake Jackson, Assistant Director

Blake Jackson is from Camas Washington and played baseball, basketball, and and football competitively. Blake was headed to play baseball for Concordia University before a shoulder injury derailed his collegiate dreams. He had managed a baseball team for Camas/Washougal Babe Ruth the last three years and was chosen as the All-star coach the last two.

Blake is going back to school this fall to become a history teacher. In his spare time he enjoys playing softball and basketball, traveling, the beach, watching The History Channel  and cheering on the Blazers and yes…The Stinking Yankees.
Blake is also available for 1 on 1/ group Baseball training.

BaxterSports timeline

  • 2004 – founded as a sport psychology consulting firm in the Bay Area, CA
  • 2005 – moved to Portland, OR
  • 2008 – first soccer camp
  • 2009 – first soccer team mini-camp
  • 2010 – Became director of SPINw
  • 2012 – First All-Sports and Competitive Soccer Camps
  • 2013 – First All-Sports Spring Break Camp
  • 2014 – First All-Sports Winter Break Camp
  • 2015 – First Portland Ultimate Camp
  • 2016 – First Four Pillars Elite Soccer Camp